Airstream Lemon Law

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Safeguarding Your Rights Against Defective Airstream Travel Trailers

Have you invested in an Airstream Travel Trailer only to be constantly thwarted by defects and incessant issues? A malfunctioning travel vehicle should never put a damper on your adventurous journey! Remember, the chassis of your Travel Trailer is as protected under the Lemon Law as conventional cars and trucks. We’re here to enlighten you about your Airstream Lemon Law rights, guide you on the steps to take, and apprise you of the possible resolutions should your travel trailer turn out to be less than perfect.

Understanding the Airstream Lemon Law

The Airstream Lemon Law aims to shield those who purchase or lease new travel trailers that regularly encounter problems undermining their safety, value, or usability. If your Airstream Travel Trailer aligns with the standards dictated by the law, you may qualify for a manufacturer-sponsored replacement, refund, or repair.

Common Airstream Travel Trailer Issues

  • Plumbing glitches (e.g., leaks)
  • Electrical system disruptions
  • Appliance hiccups
  • Structural anomalies
  • Roof seepages
  • Chassis complications
  • HVAC system outages
  • Water-related damages
  • Slide-out malfunctions
  • Tire mishaps
  • Generator setbacks
  • Suspension concerns

Popular Airstream Models with Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) and Recalls:

  • Airstream Classic
  • Airstream Globetrotter
  • Airstream Flying Cloud
  • Airstream International
  • Airstream Bambi
  • Airstream Nest
  • Airstream Basecamp
  • Airstream Caravel
  • Airstream Atlas
  • Airstream Interstate

Airstream Lemon Law Eligibility

For a potential buyback under the Airstream Lemon Law, certain benchmarks typically need to be met:

Recurring Problems: The travel trailer must exhibit a pronounced defect or dysfunction, which remains unresolved despite numerous repair attempts.

Affect on Safety, Value, or Utility: The defect should profoundly compromise the Travel Trailer’s safety, worth, or functionality, especially vital elements like the chassis, plumbing, and electrical circuits.

Warranty Period: Such discrepancies should surface within the duration covered by the travel trailer’s warranty or within a particular timeframe, often dubbed the “eligibility span.”

Repair Endeavors: As per a specific state’s Lemon Law, there should have been sincere attempts by the manufacturer or dealer to address the defect. If not, your Airstream might be ripe for a buyback.

Out-of-Service Duration: Some jurisdictions might necessitate the travel trailer be inoperative for a set period due to repairs. Crossing this duration could make your Airstream eligible for buyback.

Mediation and Settlement: If, despite sincere efforts, the issue remains unaddressed, owners might need to explore arbitration or take legal recourse.

State Variances in Law: It’s paramount to realize that Lemon Laws can differ state-wise. Thus, getting acquainted with your state’s specific stipulations is pivotal. Some states may be stricter, whereas others more accommodating.

Procedure to Initiate an Airstream Lemon Law Claim

  • We analyze your case in-depth
  • Accumulate requisite documentation
  • Kickstart a claim with Airstream
  • Conclude the claim with Airstream
  • Procure compensation for your Airstream Lemon

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