Chrysler Lemon Law

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Defending Your Rights Against Malfunctioning Vehicles

Do you own a Chrysler vehicle and find yourself facing ongoing defects and problems? Don’t let these issues spoil your driving. Our assistance can provide you with insights into your rights under the Chrysler Lemon Law. Learn about the necessary steps to take and how to effectively seek remedies if you’re dealing with a defective vehicle.

Understanding the Chrysler Lemon Law

The intention behind the Chrysler Lemon Law is to provide safeguarding for individuals who have procured or leased new vehicles, wherein issues with the transmission that recurrently manifest faults impacting their safety, value, or functionality. Should your Chrysler vehicle satisfy particular benchmarks, you could potentially have the right to receive a replacement, reimbursement, or restoration, all covered by the manufacturer.

Common Chrysler Issues

  • Electrical system malfunctions
  • Airbag warning lights/issues
  • Engine stalling or shutting down unexpectedly
  • Faulty ignition switch
  • Problems with the touchscreen or infotainment system
  • Premature brake wear
  • Faulty fuel systems leading to leaks or performance issues
  • Suspension problems, including noises or premature wear
  • Defective air conditioning systems
  • Radiator and coolant issues
  • Premature tire wear or wheel alignment issues
  • Steering problems or noises
  • Faulty window regulators or motors
  • Exhaust system and emission problems
  • Issues with the onboard computer or sensor malfunctions
  • Paint or body quality concerns
  • Cabin noises and rattles
  • Leaking sunroofs or seals

Chrysler Models

Popular Chrysler Models with Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) and Recalls.

Chrysler Buyback Lemon Law Qualifications

To be eligible for a buyback, according to the Chrysler Lemon Law, several general conditions must typically be fulfilled:

Recurring Defects: The vehicle should exhibit a significant defect or problem that persists even after multiple attempts at repair.

Impact on Safety, Value, or Functionality: The flaw must have a notable effect on the vehicle’s safety, value, or functionality. This encompasses issues involving critical components such as the engine, transmission, brakes, steering, and other essential systems.

Warranty Coverage: The defects must emerge within the vehicle’s warranty period or within a predetermined timeframe referred to as the “eligibility period.”

Number of Repair Attempts: Depending on the Lemon Law of your state, the manufacturer or dealership usually should be given a reasonable number of opportunities to rectify the defect. Failing to do so within this limit might qualify the vehicle for a buyback. This implies that an authorized Chrysler repair facility should initially be granted the chance to address the Chrysler’s issues. If these issues persist even after multiple visits, the Chrysler vehicle might be deemed a lemon.

Days Out of Service: In certain states, the Lemon Law might mandate that the vehicle remains out of service for a specific number of days due to repair attempts. Crossing this threshold could make the vehicle eligible for buyback. However, in California, there is no specific requirement for the number of days your Chrysler stays at the dealership for repairs. Nevertheless, an extended period of dealership repairs could indicate a substantial impact on usability, which is pivotal under the lemon law.

Arbitration or Legal Process: If the manufacturer and dealership do not effectively address the defects, the consumer might need to initiate arbitration or pursue legal action to seek a resolution.

State-Specific Laws: Lemon Laws differ from state to state, making it vital to comprehend the particular rules in your jurisdiction. Stringency varies among states, with some imposing stricter conditions and others being more lenient.

Process to File for a Chrysler Lemon Law Claim:

  1. We review your case
  2. Documentation is gathered
  3. A claim is opened with Chrysler
  4. The claim is resolved with Chrysler
  5. You receive payment for your Chrysler Lemon

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Disclaimer: This page imparts general information and should not be construed as legal advice. Seek counsel from a qualified attorney to obtain guidance relevant to your individual circumstances.

What is a Chrysler Lemon Law?

Similar to other Lemon Laws, the Chrysler Lemon Law constitutes a legal framework crafted to safeguard consumers who invest in or lease vehicles that reveal defects. More precisely, the Chrysler Lemon Law pertains to Chrysler vehicles grappling with notable and persistent flaws, providing consumers with a recourse when their vehicle falls short of anticipated benchmarks in terms of quality, safety, and performance.

In accordance with the Chrysler Lemon Law, should a Chrysler vehicle fulfill particular prerequisites and undergo repetitive defects or malfunctions within a designated timeframe, the proprietor or lessee might be eligible for a substitution vehicle, reimbursement, or repurchase of the faulty vehicle orchestrated by the manufacturer.

It’s essential to acknowledge that Lemon Laws can substantially differ among various jurisdictions, encompassing both the qualifying criteria and the specific procedures necessary for submitting a claim. Should you believe that your Chrysler vehicle falls within the scope of a lemon, it’s prudent to engage a legal expert specializing in Lemon Law cases. This will enable you to grasp your rights and choices within the context of the specific laws applicable in your state.