Infiniti Lemon Law

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Safeguarding Your Entitlements in the Face of Faulty Vehicles

Facing persistent problems with your Infiniti vehicle? Don’t let these issues take away from your driving pleasure. We’re here to help you understand your Infiniti Lemon Law benefits and provide guidance on the necessary actions if your vehicle doesn’t meet the expected standards.

Deciphering the Infiniti Lemon Law

The Lemon Law applicable for Infiniti provides safeguards for individuals who buy or lease new vehicles that consistently demonstrate defects impacting their safety, value, or functionality. If your Infiniti vehicle meets specific eligibility criteria, you could be eligible for a manufacturer-supported replacement, refund, or repair.

Common Infiniti Issues

  • Transmission problems (e.g., shifting issues, slipping)
  • Oil consumption and leaks
  • Electrical issues (e.g., malfunctioning sensors, battery drain)
  • Brake problems (e.g., squeaking, pulsating)
  • Suspension and steering issues (e.g., noise, vibration)
  • Air conditioning and heating system failures
  • Infotainment system glitches
  • Engine misfires
  • Timing chain or belt problems
  • Power window and door lock issues
  • Exhaust system leaks
  • Premature tire wear
  • Cooling system problems (e.g., overheating)
  • Catalytic converter failure
  • Fuel system issues (e.g., fuel pump failure)
  • Sunroof or moonroof malfunctions
  • Rust and corrosion in certain areas
  • Dashboard and interior trim problems
  • Ignition coil failures

Infiniti Models

Common Infiniti Models Subject to Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) and Recalls.

• Infiniti Q50
• Infiniti QX60
• Infiniti QX80
• Infiniti Q60
• Infiniti QX50
• Infiniti G37
• Infiniti Q40
• Infiniti Q70
• Infiniti M37
• Infiniti FX35
• Infiniti EX35
• Infiniti QX4
• Infiniti G35
• Infiniti JX35
• Infiniti Q45
• Infiniti M35
• Infiniti QX70
• Infiniti FX45
• Infiniti G25

Qualifying for Infiniti’s Lemon Law Protection

In order to be eligible for a buyback under Infiniti’s Lemon Law provisions, specific criteria must generally be satisfied:

Repetitive Defects: The vehicle should exhibit a significant problem or defect that persists despite multiple attempts at repair.

Safety and Functionality Concerns: The defect must significantly compromise the vehicle’s safety, value, or overall functionality. This could encompass crucial components such as the engine, transmission, brakes, steering, and other essential systems.

Warranty Coverage: The issues should arise during the vehicle’s warranty period or within a designated timeframe referred to as the “eligibility period.”

Number of Repair Attempts: Lemon Laws in various states often mandate that the manufacturer or dealership be given repeated opportunities to rectify the defect. If these repair attempts prove unsuccessful within the specified limit, the vehicle could meet the criteria for a buyback. Initially, an authorized service center for Infiniti should be granted the chance to address the issue with the Infiniti vehicle. If the problem persists even after multiple visits to the dealership, the Infiniti could be deemed a lemon.

Days Out of Service: Certain Lemon Laws in specific states stipulate that the vehicle must be out of service for a certain number of days due to repair attempts. Exceeding this duration might render the vehicle eligible for a buyback. For instance, in California, there is no fixed period for which the Infiniti must remain at the dealership for repairs. Nonetheless, an extended period of downtime indicates a notable loss of utility, a crucial factor in lemon law cases.

Resolving Disputes: If the manufacturer or dealership fails to effectively address the defects, consumers might need to explore options like arbitration or legal recourse to seek a resolution.

State-Specific Laws: It’s worth noting that Lemon Laws vary from one state to another. Understanding the specific regulations applicable in your location is essential. Stringent criteria might be present in some states, while others might offer more leniency.

Process to File for a Infiniti Lemon Law Claim

1. We review your case
2. Documentation is gathered
3. A claim is opened with Infiniti
4. The claim is resolved with Infiniti
5. You receive payment for your Infiniti Lemon

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Disclaimer: The information provided on this page aims to provide general insights and should not be interpreted as legal advice. For personalized guidance related to your unique circumstances, it’s advisable to consult a certified attorney.

What is an Infiniti Lemon Law?

The Infiniti Lemon Law establishes a clear legal process for consumers who come across defective vehicles after purchasing or leasing them. This law specifically addresses issues with Infiniti vehicles that consistently display significant defects, ensuring that owners are protected and provided with remedies if their vehicle does not meet the expected standards of quality, safety, and performance.

In cases where an Infiniti vehicle consistently exhibits defects or malfunctions within a defined timeframe and meets specific criteria, the owner or lessee of the vehicle may be eligible for remedies such as a manufacturer-sponsored replacement, refund, or vehicle buy-back.

It’s important to note that Lemon Laws can vary by location, with differing eligibility requirements and claims procedures. If you suspect that your Infiniti vehicle might qualify as a “lemon,” seeking advice from a lawyer who specializes in Lemon Law cases will help you understand your rights and the appropriate steps to take based on the regulations applicable in your jurisdiction.