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Safe Keep Your Rights Against Faulty Vehicles

Experiencing consistent Problems with Your Ram? Don’t let these issues hinder your driving experience. Our experts are here to educate you about your rights under the Ram Lemon Law and provide guidance on the appropriate actions to take if your vehicle doesn’t meet the expected standards.

Understanding the Ram Lemon Law

The Ram Lemon Law is designed to provide safeguards for consumers who have purchased or leased new vehicles and encounter ongoing problems that affect their safety, value, or overall functionality. If your Ram meets certain eligibility criteria, you may qualify for assistance from the manufacturer, which could entail receiving a replacement vehicle, obtaining a refund, or finding another suitable resolution.

Common Ram Issues

  • Transmission slipping or failing to engage.
  • Electrical system malfunctions.
  • Faulty infotainment system or connectivity issues.
  • Problems with the air conditioning and heating system.
  • Fuel system issues, such as hard starts or poor fuel economy.
  • Faulty sensors or warning lights.
  • Brake system issues, like premature wear or brake failure.
  • Engine overheating.
  • Power steering failure.
  • Suspension problems leading to a rough ride or uneven tire wear.
  • Differential or driveline issues.
  • Exhaust system leaks or corrosion.
  • Rusting or premature paint wear.
  • Water leaks into the cabin or bed.
  • Faulty ignition system or difficulty starting.
  • Problems with the 4×4 system or transfer case.
  • Defective safety features, such as airbags or seatbelts.
  • Cooling system malfunctions, leading to engine damage.
  • Issues with the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) system for diesel models.

Ram Models

Most Popular Ram Models with Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) and Recalls.

  • Ram 1500
  • Ram 2500
  • Ram 3500
  • Ram 4500
  • Ram 5500
  • Ram Promaster

Ram Buyback Lemon Law Qualifications

To be eligible for a buyback under the Ram Lemon Law, the following conditions typically need to be met:

Recurring Defects: Your Ram vehicle must display a consistent and serious issue, even after multiple repair attempts.

Safety, Value, or efficiency Impacted: The identified issue should significantly affect the vehicle’s safety, resale potential, or overall function. This includes critical systems like the engine, brakes, transmission, steering, and other crucial parts.

Warranty Inclusion: The problems should arise during the warranty period or within a specified duration known as the “qualification window.”

Number of Repair Attempts: Many state Lemon Laws commonly require the manufacturer or seller to have multiple opportunities to rectify a defect. If these attempts fail to resolve the issue within specific limits, the vehicle may be eligible for a buyback. Typically, the first step is to contact a certified Ram service center to address the concern with the Ram vehicle. If the problem persists despite several visits to the dealership, the Ram may be classified as a ‘lemon’ under the law.

Days Out of Service: The duration a car spends in the repair shop is a crucial factor in some state Lemon Laws. If a vehicle is out of service for a specified period due to repairs, it may become eligible for a buyback. For instance, in California, there is no exact time limit set for how long a Ram must be in the workshop. Nevertheless, prolonged downtime can indicate a substantial functional problem, which is a significant consideration in lemon law assessments.

Arbitration or Legal Process: If the manufacturer or dealership falls short in resolving the concerns, owners might consider options like arbitration or taking legal actions to get a satisfactory resolution.

State-Specific Laws: : It’s crucial to understand that Lemon Laws vary by state. Individuals should familiarize themselves with the specific rules relevant to their state. Some states may have tighter regulations, while others might offer more flexibility.

Steps to Commence a Ram Lemon Law Claim:

  1. Evaluate Your Case
  2. Gather Essential Documents
  3. Initiate Your Claim with Ram 
  4. Resolve the Matter with Ram 
  5. Receive Compensation

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Dedicated to tackling problems associated with faulty vehicles, our adept legal professionals, who are experts in lemon law cases, have extensive knowledge in handling various Ram models (including Ram 1500, 2500, 3500, and others). We are unwavering in our dedication to maintain a history of successfully championing consumer rights, guaranteeing they get the appropriate compensation they are entitled to.

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What is a Ram Lemon Law?

The Lemon Law, in the context of Ram vehicles, provides a definitive legal guideline for consumers who face problematic vehicles after purchase or lease. This law specifically addresses recurrent significant defects often seen in Ram vehicles. It guarantees the rights of vehicle owners, ensuring they have avenues for recourse if their truck doesn’t uphold the expected quality, safety, and performance standards.

Should a Ram vehicle consistently present problems or malfunctions within a defined timeframe and fulfill certain criteria, the owner or lessee might qualify for options such as a manufacturer-supported replacement, monetary compensation, or an option for the manufacturer to repurchase the vehicle.

It’s essential to recognize that Lemon Laws vary based on region, resulting in different eligibility standards and complaint procedures. If you suspect your Ram could be deemed a “lemon,” seeking advice from a legal professional well-versed in Lemon Law matters can assist you in understanding your entitlements and taking the necessary actions as per the laws in your jurisdiction.