NHTSA Investigation into 2019 Ford Expeditions 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has initiated a preliminary investigation into complaints concerning seat belt pre-tensioners in the 2019 Ford Expedition. This inquiry follows ten reports from owners who encountered unintended seat belt pre-tensioner deployment without any crash impact. 

These unexpected activations have stirred owner apprehensions, prompting deeper scrutiny by the  NHTSA. Dive into the details below! 


Per NHTSA complaints, owners of the 2019 Ford Expedition have described instances where seat belt pre-tensioners deployed without a collision. Some recounted hearing a loud, explosion-like noise followed by a sudden belt tightening around the torso, leaving them startled and feeling chest impact sensations akin to a punch or kick. 

Owners have also noted a burning odor and cabin smoke after the incident. 


Approximately 20,331 Ford Expedition SUVs seem affected by the seat belt pretensioner anomaly. While this investigation centers on the 2019 model year, it’s notable that the Expedition shares platform components with the Lincoln Navigator, both featuring F-150 pickup truck underpinnings. 


Presently, the NHTSA’s investigation remains in the preliminary phase, with no official recall issued. However, the agency is delving into understanding the root cause behind these abnormal seat belt pre-tensioner deployments. Potential factors under consideration encompass poor wiring, software logic glitches, sensor misalignment, and defects within the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) module. 

Should the NHTSA mandate a recall for affected vehicles, Ford must take the necessary steps to rectify the issue and ensure customer safety.


If you’re experiencing seat belt pre-tensioner issues in your 2019 Ford Expedition, you might wonder if this issue renders your vehicle a lemon under California law. California Lemon law shields consumers who purchase or lease faulty vehicles that are unrepairable within a reasonable number of attempts. 

A defective seat belt pre-tensioner posing safety hazards and resisting adequate repair could potentially qualify your vehicle for lemon law protection. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to seek guidance from a seasoned lemon law attorney for a tailored evaluation of your circumstances.