NHTSA Investigation into Tesla Steering Rack Issues 

Tesla faces investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) over steering rack concerns in their 2023 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. This inquiry stems from a surge in complaints from  Tesla owners encountering steering control or power steering issues while driving. 

The NHTSA has escalated the investigation to an engineering analysis. Discover more below!


Some drivers report a complete loss of power steering, significantly impeding their ability to maneuver while driving. Others mention increased resistance when turning the wheel, indicating potential steering mechanism problems. 


Resulting in a collision due to the inability to steer. More than 50 Tesla vehicles had to be towed due to suspected steering rack issues, causing traffic disruptions. 

Several owners observed temporary fixes by power cycling their vehicles, though the problems persisted until steering rack replacement.


The NHTSA focuses on about 334,000 Tesla vehicles from the 2023 model year, particularly the Tesla  Model 3 and Model Y. While the investigation details remain undisclosed, the agency confirms over  2,388 steering-related complaints. 


Tesla hasn’t addressed the NHTSA’s investigation into steering rack issues. Though Tesla has previously utilized remote software solutions for certain issues, specific parts requiring replacement to mitigate steering problems remain unidentified. 

Potential physical repairs mandated by the NHTSA could lead to a costly recall for Tesla


For those facing recurring steering problems with their Tesla, there may be concerns regarding Lemon Law eligibility. Lemon laws protect consumers from significant defects or safety issues in their vehicles. In  California, for instance, Lemon law coverage extends to vehicles subjected to multiple repair attempts for the same issue within the warranty period. 

Should your Tesla require frequent repairs for steering-related issues without resolution, you may qualify for a refund or replacement vehicle under the California Lemon law.