Top 10 Car Brands with the Most Recalls in 2023 

Car recalls are an unavoidable aspect of the automotive industry. Each year, issues arise in vehicles,  spanning both older and newer models. It’s crucial to recognize that no automaker is infallible. Even with stringent quality assurance processes in place, errors can occur in the manufacturing process. 

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So, which car brand experienced the most recalls in 2023? 

In this article, we aim to address this query and offer additional insights. Let’s delve into the details.

1. Ford

Ford leads the pack in 2023 as the car brand with the highest number of recalls, totaling 54. This marks the third consecutive year that Ford has held this position in the United States, following 68 recalls in  2022. 

A total of 5,692,135 Ford vehicles were affected by recalls in 2023, with the most notable issue involving a defect in the F-150 parking lights. 

2. Chrysler 

Securing the second spot on our list for the most recalled car brand of 2023 is Chrysler, with 45 recalls.  These recalls impacted 2,732,398 vehicles, constituting 17% of all Chrysler vehicles on the road. The significant recall involved 2023-2024 Ram models due to a steering column control module defect affecting over 142,000 vehicles. 

3. BMW 

BMW ranks third on our list with 29 recalls in 2023. These recalls affected 332,949 BMW models, making up 11% of the total BMWs in circulation. The largest recall occurred in November, addressing engine issues and impacting over 155,000 vehicles. 

4. Mercedes-Benz 

Occupying the fourth position is Mercedes-Benz, with 27 recalls impacting 395,504 vehicles, which represents 10% of the total. Recalls primarily centered on faulty electrical systems, wiring, and fuel pump issues. Notably, over 40,000 vehicles were affected due to potential missing inspection on gauges for brake pad wear, spanning models manufactured from 2019-2021. 

5. General Motors 

General Motors holds the fifth spot on our list with 22 recalls in 2023, impacting 1,993,285 vehicles, or  10% of the total GM vehicles on the road. The most significant recall addressed an airbag defect,  impacting over one million vehicles. 

6. Jaguar / Land Rover

Jaguar / Land Rover occupies the sixth position, with 19 recalls affecting 80,829 vehicles, comprising 8% of the total on the road. A notable recall stemmed from unsecured engine-mounted oil cooler hoses,  impacting 1,520 vehicles. 

7. Honda 

At number seven is Honda, with 18 recalls affecting 3,794,923 vehicles, approximately 7% of the total.  The primary recalls involved 2,539,902 vehicles due to faulty fuel pump systems, potentially causing engine stalling or failure to start. 

8. Volkswagen 

Volkswagen secures the eighth position with 18 recalls impacting 332,700 vehicles, accounting for around 7% of the total. Notable recalls included concerns about the fire retardancy of panoramic sunshade glass roofs, impacting over 24,000 vehicles. 

9. Hyundai 

Next on our list is Hyundai, with 17 recalls affecting 2,616,762 vehicles, approximately 6% of the total. The most significant recall impacted over 1.6 million vehicles due to issues with the ABS system causing internal brake fluid spillage and electrical shorts. 

10. Tesla 

The tenth and final entry on our list is Tesla, with 13 recalls in 2023. A total of 2,470,183 vehicles were recalled, making up around 5% of the total. The most notable Tesla recall involved Model S and X  vehicles due to unlocked cabin doors during crashes, impacting 120,423 vehicles.